Event services

Business Cards & Stationery

Event Websites

Customizable event websites tailored to fit the theme and style of any celebration. Whether it’s a spooky Halloween gala or a bohemian soirĂ©e, having a dedicated website gives hosts a platform to share event details, RSVP info, and even photo galleries.

Canvas and paper Prints

Email Newsletter for RSVP

An interactive and stylish way for hosts to send out invites and manage RSVPs. With themed templates and user-friendly tools, it simplifies the process of gathering and managing guest responses.

Bags, Books, Hats, & mOre

SMS Reminders

Automated reminders sent to attendees, ensuring they don’t forget about the upcoming event. This feature reduces no-show rates and helps hosts get a better estimate of attendees.

Square and Diecut

Sell Event tickets

Discover a seamless ticket-selling service tailored for all events, from intimate workshops to grand concerts. We simplify ticketing by combining user-friendly technology with robust support, ensuring secure transactions and real-time sales tracking for organizers. Plus, benefit from value-added offerings like event promotion, on-site support, and insightful analytics. Whether you’re planning an event or looking to attend one, our platform guarantees a hassle-free experience.

Custom Event Swag

Starting at $25 per 75

Event Website

Starting at $18 per 25

Email Newsletter for RSVP

Starting at $18 per 25

SMS/Email Reminders

Starting at $25 per 75

Event Promotion

Starting at $18 per 25

Sell Event Tickets

Starting at $18 per 25


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