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Integrate Salesforce CRM into WordPress

Integrate Salesforce CRM into WordPress

Salesforce is an industry-leading CRM that is used by a great number of large and medium-sized businesses. Also, Salesforce CRM is touted to have helped customers improve sales revenue by 37%, customer satisfaction by 45%, and marketing ROI by around 43%. Salesforce includes a number of useful features to managing your leads, marketing flow, and pipeline. Entering the customer data can be time-consuming but fortunately, there are plenty of app developers available to help you integrate your website into Salesforce. This can help save you an incredible amount of time as you will not need to manually enter each customer or lead that comes your way.

If your site uses WordPress there are pre-built integrations into leading premium form plugins such as WPForms. This WordPress form integration is fairly new and a welcomed new feature for the WordPress community. A community that includes many large and medium-sized businesses that already use Salesforce. This was also one of the most popular feature requests for WPForms from existing users. It is currently available for Elite plan subscribers and can easily be integrated without the need for a developer.

This ready-made solution can not only be added to your WordPress site without a developer, it will also save you a lot of money. Custom developer costs are expensive and it also may be necessary to complete upgrades and updates as API is improved or new versions released. Having this integrated into an existing solution means that will receive the updates needed to ensure smooth operation.

What if I am not using WordPress on my website? 😕

No problem, there is a way to continue using your current website and install WordPress on a subdomain or subfolder.

Let’s assume your website URL is:

You could install WordPress on


This would allow you to keep your existing website as is, and install a WordPress instance on a new path and make use of this powerful integration.

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