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Divi Events Calendar

Divi Events Calendar

At its core, Divi is a versatile theme and website constructor. Pair that with The Events Calendar, a leading event management plugin, and you’re halfway there. However, using The Events Calendar with Divi is not as easy as it sounds, due to limited customization and styling options, and constraints in showcasing events in your Divi layout, not to mention the inability to modify the event archive or individual event pages.

This is where this plugin boldly steps in. It functions as an effective liaison between The Events Calendar and Divi. The functionality of our plugin is to pull event information from The Events Calendar, giving you the liberty to display and tweak them in the Divi Visual Builder, like any other standard Divi modules.

Bear in mind that our plugin operates solely based on The Events Calendar, a renowned free calendar plugin for WordPress. The prerequisite for using our Divi Events Calendar plugin is that The Events Calendar plugin should already be installed and active, else our plugin will be like a ship without a rudder. This product is a Pee-Aye Creative initiative and isn’t developed by or associated with The Events Calendar. For a deeper understanding of the interplay between these two plugins, please refer to our Compatibility document.

The Revolutionary Approach to Creating An Events Website Now, with ease, you can showcase and customize events using Divi modules anywhere in your Divi layout. You have the power to determine what to show and how it should appear, all controlled through toggles and Divi’s expansive array of settings.

Unlock the Potential of Divi & The Events Calendar With our six custom Divi modules, display your events using over 427 personalized content and design features (a count of setting groups, not counting individual settings).

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