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Cloud Backup Reseller Template

Cloud Backup Reseller Template

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Cloud Backup Reseller Site
Cloud Backup Reseller Site
This template is designed for easy deployment and integration into a trusted third party infrastructure by Plimus.com and Thexyz.net that includes 100% end user account control, priority and ongoing support as well as pre-formatted marketing collateral. You need a Plimus affiliate account and Thexyz reseller account to earn recurring commissions through this template.

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The template comes with with 3 pre-formatted pages with content:

  1. Index.htm
  2. quick-start-guide.html
  3. testimonials.html


  • You will need a server to host the files.
  • You will need a free Plimus affiliate account to earn commissions.
  • You will also need a reseller account from Thexyz.

How can you earn revenue with this site?

As mentioned above you will need a Plimus account, you then get a unique affiliate ID and can replace the links for the 4 products on the site. If you need help finding the products you can contact us here or at Thexyz to give us your email address on file with Plimus. We will then invite you to the program so you can easily add your own affiliate links. When the user clicks order through your link you are are automatically given 10% of the sale price. This is also a recurring commission, so you will earn the same 10% each month.

For example:

  • A visitor purchases through your site and pays $10 for the first month.
  • You are instantly awarded 10% of the sale price, so this would be $1.
  • Every 30 days the subscription is automatically renewed, you will earn $1.
  • If you get a 100 user subscribed at this level you will earn a recurring revenue of $100 per month.
  • Your earnings will depend on how many users you sign up and how long they remain active.


Estava olhando esse Thema de hospedagem de sites e acabei optando por ele, gostei muito.

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  1. Pls. Provide more details on the revenue model.

    • Randy, thanks for your question. I have added more content explaining the process. Feel free to email me via the Contact Page if you need further assistance.

  2. Works great, was very easy to setup and first class support. Thanks alot.

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